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Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
29 December 2010 @ 11:00 am
Loki had been busy.

In truth, he was always busy and sometimes, every now and then, he took a moment to feel sadness for that. For as long as humans sinned, he would be around to bring about Judgement.

He didn't question his Father's Orders, nor did he shy away from a job. But lately? Lately he was busier than usual. Not because people were sinning more than usual (it was Christmas, after all, and Loki was always pleased to find that his job got a little easier over the holidays), but because he was trying to get everything done so he could take a few hours to wish Pestilence a-- well, a happy something.

It was on his way back from Hell for the last time before stopping off to see her that he cursed himself for thinking two things. The first: whether he should find some sort of gift for the Horseman. Neither of them celebrated Christmas, and while Loki celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on the actual day, Pes didn't. The present idea was out the window soon enough, replaced by the second thought: did he look okay? 

Growling his obvious frustration at where his mind was headed, he didn't notice anything amiss until he was standing right in the middle of a broken apartment. Pes's broken apartment. He wasn't proud to admit the few seconds he let panic flood into him, Grace having to work extra hard to expel and force him into warrior mode. This wasn't good. He could still feel her though, too strong to just be the lingering feel of her apartment, and without hesitation he burst through one of her windows, glass shattering everywhere on the sidewalk below as he took to the skies.
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
19 December 2010 @ 08:50 pm
Sooo. This year, for Christmas, I've decided to do something a little different for everyone. Instead of writing fic, I've decided it'd be fun to do a "free for all" on threads. This is how it works:

1. Pick one of my muses from the list below;
2. Pick one of your muses and a scenario or SL you'd like to play out;
3. You can either comment here or PM me what you'd like and I'll set the thread up and make it work!

A few notes:
1. You can be as cracky as you like. It is Christmas after all, and this is supposed to be fun!
2. I only have two conditions: Wincest and mpreg squiiicks me bigtime. So. Sadly I can't promise I'll do either of those. Aside from that, feel free to go as nuts, fluffy, angsty, cracky or sad as you like.
3. If you follow any of these muses' verses and would like your thread to be based on one of those, that's fine, but it won't be counted unless mutually agreed with the muse's versemates!
4. As of now, though I have a while off over Christmas to have free for all funtimes, I can't pick up any new verses. :(
5. Rating can go all the way up to NC-17, but I'll be locking those for adult-content.

Dean Winchester [SPN] iamwinchester - canon
Dean Winchester [SPN] fearlessleader - future
Loki [Dogma] believeinthis
Archangel Suriel [OC] commandofgod
Merlin [BBC's Merlin] lights_his_way

Thanks & Merry Christmas!

Cooks x
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
Loki hadn't so much managed to continue with his duties as fought with renewed conviction. Jeremiel had shown him what Pestilence was really like. How she'd tricked him into thinking he was more than just a conquest. He hadn't been back to Heaven since because he didn't need to. He knew his path.

Except it didn't stay that way. That feeling of righteousness faded. He hadn't heard from his Father in a long time, and Jeremiel's powers could only last so long over him before he remembered his feelings. He remembered what it felt like to care for more than just punishment of sinners. He remembered her. The way she challenged every part of who he was. He remembered how she felt. And he'd destroyed her. He'd brought the wrath of Jeremiel down on her. Not the wrath of his Father.

It didn't take him long to sense her, to know where she was, hidden away. She couldn't stay hidden from him. When he landed, it was silently, though he was polite enough to clear his throat and cast his eyes to the ground. Suddenly he remembered what it felt like to know guilt.
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Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
29 May 2010 @ 11:06 pm

» canon;

Loki, the former angel of death who, after getting drunk with Bartleby one day, lays down his sword and gives the finger to God, leading to his and Bartleby's expulsion from Heaven. More extroverted and humorously aggressive than his partner, he has no qualms about killing those who have committed harsh sins in the past with a recently purchased Desert Eagle, though he is unwilling to kill the innocent.

He also likes to convince members of the clergy that there is no God, despite knowing full well there is, commonly using Lewis Carroll's tale of The Walrus and the Carpenter as an example of 'religious' figures leading the little people to their deaths; his stated reason for doing so is to "keep them on their toes". Loki experiences a role reversal when Bartleby snaps, and tries in vain to talk Bartleby out of going through with the plan. [Source]

» smite!verse;
Set before Loki falls from Heaven - Loki is the Angel of Death, the holy soldier charged with bringing the Lord's wrath down on sinners. He is responsible for seeing all sinners are punished and held up as an example to the the human race. Loki is afforded the knowledge of all sins committed and carries out his duties with cold precision... most of the time.

He finds it hard to accept the views of some of his brothers, who maintain patience and mercy should be shown to all humans. It is with his knowledge of the sins committed on Earth, and what they're capable of, that he finds himself constantly disappointed by the souls he has to reap and escort down to Hell.

Spending part of his working day at the Gates of Hell, to deliver the souls of those he has reaped to the right demons, he has developed his own style of conversing with them - a mixture of teasing banter and mostly empty threats.

» irony!verse;
Loki's faith in the human race, and his Father's plans for them, has already become shaky - his exposure to the sinners of the world slowly chipping away at his faith, until one day he is stripped of his position and thrown out of Heaven. He bypasses 'topside' completely, not stopping until he lands in an undignified heap at the Gates of Hell.

Furious that he has been fired and, without warning, ejected from paradise, his blame lies split between his Father and the humans he has spent so long walking amongst. Completely disillusioned with his beliefs, he wastes no time in strolling through the Gates, wings turning jet black in the process, and catching up with the demons he is most familiar with. If the Lord thinks he's seen the extent of Loki's wrath, he's completely wrong.

» dogmanatural!verse;
A Dogma/Supernatural crossover, mostly following Supernatural canon from season 4 onwards.

Old Testament!Verse.

Loki fills his day with orders from above, inhabiting Earth to punish the sinners and send the wicked to Hell. And then Heaven sends a messenger in the form of a young angel called Castiel who soon becomes Loki's student in the ways of walking the Earth.

An unlikely friendship develops, and the two are bonded under the eye of Heaven's most feared archangel, Michael, though before they can spent the rest of eternity happily ever after, Heaven makes a disbeliever of Loki.

Going against his superiors' orders, he risks his very existance to keep his own mentor, Michael, safe, and as a result a chain of events is knocked into succession, Heaven's End Game bestowing a punishment on Loki that breaks his Grace.

Cast from Heaven and leaving his mate and friends behind, Loki lands on Earth, soon after having his memories taken from him to be spared the pain and the loss of living now as a Fallen angel.

Winchester Gospel!Verse.

Thousands of years have passed, and Heaven is looking at an impending battle against Hell. The apocalypse has been set in motion by a righteous man, and now they are looking at the end of the Earth as God's fair land. Lucifer is free, and they need as many soldiers as they can get.

Uriel seeks out Loki to recruit him to the cause, and Loki, unable to remember who or what he was, simply believes himself to be a freak of society. His wings and superhuman strength are unexplainable, and he doesn't remember until he is faced with a familiar looking Castiel who has been forced to reveal himself thanks to the Winchester boys penchant for hunting.

Can Team Rebellion save the world and stop the Apocalypse? Having the Angel of Death on their side can't be a bad thing...
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
01 January 2010 @ 04:02 pm
[Set after this]

Loki was halfway across Russia when they finally caught up with him. Four of them, each trying to drag him back to Heaven for his punishment. He didn't make a sound as he struggled against them, swiping and crashing his wings into them mid-air. But four was too many to fight off at once, and they overpowered him after a while, knocking him out and flying him less than gently back Home.

He came to on the cold, hard floor, the punishment cells of their paradise looking something more like Hell. He's seen similiar there, anyway. He'd been here before, delivering his kin for their own punishment, and now, by some cosmic mistake, he was thrown before Jeremiel, wings clipped and useless.  There was no escape from here until they were finished with him and he knew that.
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
17 December 2009 @ 11:28 pm
The How's My Driving? Meme
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
12 December 2009 @ 04:30 pm
theSecret Santameme
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
10 November 2009 @ 03:34 pm
Gabriel's a coward. He always was.
Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
03 November 2009 @ 06:45 pm
[TV's broken] Where's my damn cartoons?!
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Loki: Angel of Death [Dogma]
07 October 2009 @ 06:33 pm
Angel of Death: needs a hug.